Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The day after turkey day celebration

It's getting more and more common for us to take sibling pictures with 100% attendance. I love it. Callie scheduled a big gathering for the day after Thanksgiving celebration for our extended Matheson Family. It was stress free pot-luck style with lots of catching up and chatting and rock banding and wii fitting. Jon Canlas was amazing on the hula-hoop competition. I believe the category is calorie torcher.

Grandma Jeanne and Grandpa Vernile were amazing. They brought gifts for all of the little kids but it was so great because none of the gifts were wrapped. They were set out on the table and Grandpa called kids names out of a hat and they got to go up and choose a gift. Repeat until the gifts were gone.

Johnny boy got a lot of great gifts. The Matheson grandparents are so generous. Grandma Jeanne used to have a house full of bears so the teddy bear was special more for me than for him. But I let him and his dad pick the rest of the gifts. How fun! Happy day after turkey day!


Dave and Stephanie said...

how fun! ps - you don't look one bit pregnant.

Hannah Stevenson said...

THE MITTEN!!! I love that book! Johnny will love it too I'm sure. Looks like a wonderful time. We need to all get together again soon!

Amy said...

It looks like you've been up to some REALLY fun things! Isn't being with family just great. I love your Halloween costumes too.