Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hebgen Lake 2008

The summer trip to Hebgen Lake, Montana was fantastic. We went for 3 weeks and it was tons of fun. Papa reiterated his desire for us to gather and know and love each other as an intergenerational family. This intergenerational family is incredible - 10 children, over 50 grandchildren and Lance and Johnny as 2 of the 3 great grandchildren.

We towed the boat up for it's maiden voyage in Hegben Lake's freezing cold water. The temperature actually wasn't bad - 67 to 70 degrees. We knew the exact temperature because The Black Pearl (that's the name of our 2007 Supra Launch 22SSV boat) has accurate doodads that describe the depth and temperature of the water. The Black Pearl has cruise control so that you tow your skier, surfer or wake boarder at the perfect speed. The Black Pearl has multiple coolers to stow any treats you might have packed for extra energy on the excursion. The Black Pearl even has an iPod connection so that you can blast your favorite tunes through the amazing sound system Micheal Bennett installed himself while you're on the water or even just parked in front of your house while you're cleaning the boat for an hour after practically living on it for 3 weeks.

The Black Pearl was truly our home away from home and did not disappoint. Here are quite a few pictures to document the experience.

Dad and Mom were suberb surfers. Mom's crowning achievement was surfing all by herself by the end of our trip. She rocks.

Practically my favorite part of the trip was watching Jake wakeboard. He got so much better over such a short period of time that I was almost inspired to try wake boarding myself. Almost, and then I biffed it and got the wind knocked out of me and decided to wait until we get a helmet. Nice air, Jacob.

This is me fulfilling flag duty. I was definitely meant for these duties - dead guy duty, kitchen duty, flag duty - that's me.

Johnny shaved half of his goatee to create the handlebar mustache. Besides looking like he just stepped out of the WWF, I think he looks pretty dang cute.

One fun thing about surfing was helping the little kids surf with me. They were too little to surf on their own, but big enough to hold on. James and Spencer were good at posing for the camera.

My all-time favorite picture of the millions of pictures that we took on this trip. Katie surfing into the sunset. What a babe!

The classic Hebgen Lake muscle shots.

The new classic Hebgen Lake muscle shot!

Can you tell our favorite trick with Johnny quattro? The cousins just fell all over themselves to get to play with Johnny boy. We stayed in Hebgen One with the Jones family. Anna just wanted to squeeze Johnny's face all the time and Eliza was my hero watching Johnny each morning while I got to go on the bike rides with the rest of the family. And, you might be wondering who is wearing the diaper in this shot. Let's just say both of them are.

Nana made Johnny boy this onesie in West Yellowstone summer 2007. That was before he was born, but we were so excited to think that one day Johnny would be alive and enjoying Hebgen Lake. Here's to a lifetime of fun in Montana and many more shirts from the T-shirt shop.

Johnny quattro really got to know his Nana. Every time she walked by the car seat where Johnny was trapped, he would cry out to her because he knew that she would come pick him up. Johnny boy was the best traveling baby. He did so well. While we were in Montana, his first two teeth came in on the bottom together. He also learned to scoot towards things army style.

On the last day possible, before we left to drive home, Katie and Jake pulled out the double ski from their bag of tricks. The real trick was that mom was able to take their picture, drive them and get them up on their first try.

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Is that a wake board that you are all on or some kind of surf board? Looks like fun!